Death Will Win

A girl who decided to promise her life to Death
In twenty-four hours she’ll take her final breath
She needs someone to show her the light
To free her and hold her tight
She stares in the dark, swimming in red
If you don’t go now, she’ll soon be dead
She’s crying softly, here comes the rain
Death is knocking, she’s gonna go insane
Come to her and she might let you in
If you don’t, then Death will win!

*for World Suicide Awareness Day*


A Love Story

Once upon a time, that’s how the story starts
The tale of the Girl and Boy and their broken hearts
The Boy loved the Girl that was supposed to be his bride
He loved her so much that he pushed his family to the side
The Girl loved the boy, soon to be her groom
This would be a happy story, you might assume
The Boy loved her so much that he gave up his kingdom
The Girl loved him that she gave away her freedom
They loved each other and would sacrifice everything
He wanted her to be the Queen and him, her King
He loved her too much that he swore she is the one
That was how the story went until she disappeared, Gone!
He looked for her, searching for the Girl he was to marry
But he never did, the sun shone and the night sky starry
So he had to marry another girl, someone he did not love
He hoped to join his Queen when they meet in the clouds above
Little did he know, she was still alive, sane not crazy
His ex-bride wandered around with their small unborn baby
She went away to tell her family and then came
To see her beloved Boy with pride and joy, no shame
Some say it was bad timing and some say maybe it was bad luck
It was the wedding night, rain started to pour and lightning struck
The Girl sat in the church, not knowing the wedding was Boy’s and another
At the front of the altar, there stood his mother, father and brother
There she saw her Boy too, he looked handsome yet pale and grim
Then she turned and saw a girl in her dress, walk towards him
She was confused, she did not understand at first
As the ceremony took place, it became much worse
The vows were said and the rings on their finger
Represented how she is now just another stranger
That night Boy and Girl both cried
Their supposed love now has died
Girl found no use in living if their unborn baby has no father
Boy realised that Girl is the one for him, there can be no other
Girl took the knife and Boy took the poison
All three died but for a good reason
But all stories should come with a happy ending
So it shall, no strings, no pretending
Boy, Girl and their baby, stood together all happy and even
The Boy was right, they would finally meet again in heaven.

Love Never Dies

When someone leaves because they can’t stay
When someone is gone cause they have to go away
Just because they are gone, it doesn’t mean you should be sad
All you need to remember is the times you both had
You dream about them and wish they are there
When you look around, he seems to be everywhere
No matter how you try, he is not coming, gone forever
He is far away and you cannot see him, never
You feel lost, you feel like you want to cry
You feel like falling, why did he have to die?
But don’t waste your tears on something you can’t get
Sometimes it is easier if you just forget
Remember there are still many more doors you have to open
Don’t dwell on something that’s already happened
There are more opportunities, this is not the end
Forever you will cherish, the time you have spent
You need to keep him in your heart
Breathe and reach for a new start
The noise and pain might be really loud
Someday, you will make him really proud.

Died 2010.

I’ll come with you

Boy likes Girl, Girl likes Boy too
Moments away from saying ‘I love you’
Boy has flowers and chocolate
Ready to declare his love at eight
Girl is getting ready for Boy to come
She knows he is the right one
On the way to her house, Boy saw a guy
He was there in an alleyway about to die
The Boy ran to help him but then….
Boy went down, hand on his heart
This was supposed to be the start
He looked up and saw Girl’s Ex and the guy alive
This was a trick, a kind of bribe

The doorbell rang and Girl opened it, she frowned
She looked around and then she felt like she drowned
Boy was lying on the ground
Knife to his heart, no sound
She cried over him and saw a note
It was from Boy, the last he wrote

Dear my love,
I have loved you since we became friends
But I really hope we can be more, it wouldn’t end
I have always wanted to say these three words
The three words which will make our world
If I died today,
I would want to say…
You are the one for me, my dream come true
Girl, I Love You!


Girl looked at him and took the knife from his heart
Girl loves him too, Girl cannot let them be apart

Love Without

Who would care If i was to die?
Who would give a damn to find out why?
Who would cry by my deathbed?
Who would pray to God instead?
Who would give blood to make me alive?
Who would wish I survived?
Who would find out what killed me in the end?
Who would fight those who wants to defend?
Doctors say that my heart suddenly stopped beating
I died whilst I was sleeping
No one cared or bothered to check my heart
No one wondered if it could restart
If they looked at it closely, they would have no doubt
I didn’t die from the poison within but the love without.

Fake Death

Why are you extremely fine?
But somehow you can never be mine
Why do you feel so dead?
But I just can’t get you out of my head
Why are you ignoring me?
When you are my friend no longer enemy
Does it feel good to hurt me so?
To pretend to be my friend when you’re really my foe
To kiss and tell, hug and run
To shot my head with a gun
To make me suffer and fall apart
To crush and break my dying heart
I know you’re not like this, break this curse
Make it all better before it gets worse
I know that you could never seen me mad before
But everyone contains inside a hidden door
I’ll tell you now you’re in for the kill
So useless and worthless, so keep still
You’re nothing no use in this world
So bite your tongue, don’t even say a word
Don’t Move. Don’t speak. Don’t pretend
Just stand there and prepared to meet your end
Let’s just say we meet again in another life
When I’m the one who was carrying a knife
When you’re strapped to a chair and can’t move
A fault you can’t accuse, you cant prove
It ends here , it ends now and it ends with a scream
In bed I wake up it was all just a dream
Don’t worry I’ll get you another day
Keep waiting I’ll get you in the end , I’ll find a way

This poem was made when I was feeling vengeful and bad-ass. I think I was just having a bad day and I just wrote this poem of taking revenge on the people that did me wrong but I probably took it a bit to the extreme but I was probably a bad day considering I was thinking about death.

Letters of Lovers

My Beautiful Lady,

I have just finished my duty to the King.
I am on my way home
Within two weeks, It will be you and me
All alone…
Don’t cry anymore, for I am on my way
You will be in my arms two weeks from today.

Your Beloved Admiral.


My Beloved Admiral,

Why have you not returned?
Little Thomas and miss you so…
Your deep brown eyes and the way you hold me;
Why did you have to go?
Someone is at the door now and a letter.
Please Lord, don’t let it be
“Father of unborn child shot at sea”
You were my everything.
I didn’t even know you enough
How will our unborn son ever laugh?
I’ll just sit here and cry… but I will meet you again!
In heaven, when it is my turn, my love…
To die.

This tragic poem had no particular inspiration but was imagined based on how men often went out to sea or on duties to far of lands leaving their wives or even lovers behind not knowing what will happen or how important is the life they left behind. This poem tells the story of a couple, lovers,  who had a relationship before a man went out to sea to do his duties as a soldier and for his country. He promised her of a triumphant return but was in the end not to be as he is shot and leaves her and their unborn child, fatherless and alone. She now waits the day when she will be able to see him when death also meets her.