Death Will Win

A girl who decided to promise her life to Death
In twenty-four hours she’ll take her final breath
She needs someone to show her the light
To free her and hold her tight
She stares in the dark, swimming in red
If you don’t go now, she’ll soon be dead
She’s crying softly, here comes the rain
Death is knocking, she’s gonna go insane
Come to her and she might let you in
If you don’t, then Death will win!

*for World Suicide Awareness Day*



If I disappeared ,would they notice?
If I swore ,would they promise?
If I’m invisible ,would they assume?
Just carry on talking like I’m not in the room
Sometimes I turn the water high
So I won’t hear them and they won’t hear me cry
I pour the hot water every time in the bath
I tried to take the pain away, but it’s not enough
I cry hoping the tears will run out
But it never does, I never shout
All there is to do is use the knife
What’s the purpose in this life?
If I haven’t found my purpose by now I might as well take my final bow.