So many things have changed I have lost count
So many things to do and it’s starting to mount
Changes have come and doors start to open
The time has passed and so much has happened
Life has been hectic I had to run to keep up
Gotta keep on running until I reach the top
Now I am here there is no chance of slowing
Too much perseverance gotta keep on going!


Too Much Hair

I cannot believe I am saying this, but I really want to cut my hair. I don’t normally want to cut my hair because I prefer it long and it gives me a lot of ways to style it and make it (somewhat) pretty. But since the hot weather has arrived (well it comes and goes but summer is definitely on its way), I have been running errands from going to job interviews and getting the house cleaned, it has been really getting in the way (and all over the floor) and I just feel like it is time to chop it off.

This past month of looking for jobs and getting my results feels like the end and the start of something new, so it is natural to feel the need to want something difference or some sort of change. I feel like I have overcome a lot of things, not just this past month but for the last three years and definitely having a haircut would be another good way to mark the achievements I have gain and a nod to a more fresher and brand new chapter in my life.Β 

Farewell Long Hair, we shall meet again one day but right now make way for a new (shorter) hair-do!Β 

Back at Blogging

Hi everyone!

I am now back at blogging after almost a month of resisting the urge to write articles/poems/stuff on here. I really missed blogging every day and hopefully, now that decisions have been made and life has settled a bit I can come back and carry on writing more stuff and the adventures I have been on (I have so much news to tell you, just wait and see). The summer is approaching even if it is raining and grey here in England (but that’s hardly a surprise) and there is so many things I have already done and about to do. The month off was definitelyΒ worth it and I am looking forward to a summer of more writing and exploring.

Stay tuned for all the posts I am going to make and I cannot wait to get you all up to speed on all the adventures I have discovered this past month and land of the unknown that is ready to be found!

Peace and Love xo


First Application Feels

I recently applied for a Digital Marketing Apprenticeship that is situated in Cambridge two weeks ago. I applied because I woke up and just felt worried about what I will do after university. I know I had no experience whatsoever in terms of work and I was seriously getting anxious that I will never find work. That’s when I thought maybe I should try and apply for an apprenticeship first instead as it will help me gain work experience in a field I am interested in and is also paying me. So I logged onto my LinkedIn account and found an advertisement for it almost immediately and just applied by putting my details in and sent it off. I was notified instantly that my application has been received and I will be getting a quick phone call that will clarify my details and the various work opportunities available to me.

As soon as I saw that email, I had a surge of emotions go though me from the fluttery butterflies circling the inside of my stomach to the worry of having to answer the phone that could determine my future and the jumping up and down excitement that I actually applied for something that I could be the beginning of the everything. The feels were on overload and for the next few days my phone was set on vibrate as I waited for the phone call. The waiting game began and continued on for two weeks but after two weeks, the phone stayed silent.

The amount of time I spent watching the phone felt like a waste of time at first but I also realized that this is the first work-related application I have ever submitted in my life and I would say that is a personal achievement for me. The fact that I had the courage to put myself out there and apply, makes me even more determined to continue looking for other opportunities available out there and one of these days I will find the right one or maybe they will find me. It’s all just a waiting game but hopefully it’s a worthwhile one.

Now, it is time to go back and look at the hundreds and thousands of jobs out there and keep hitting that apply button!