Facebook- Logging off

I have decided to log off my Facebook account. I feel that I need to take a break from it and just move away from Facebook for a while. I haven’t been feeling like myself lately and I just need to an escape away from it all. Earlier this year I did a Facebook Detox for Lent and honestly, after that experience, I felt so carefree and relieved that I’m not bombarded with articles and adverts I didn’t give a damn about or things which were making me just feel sad when it shouldn’t be. Facebook has given me a platform to express myself and share my life but right now I feel like I need to step away and have some self-reflection. I shared so many good memories on there as well as several bad ones but as years went by it has all become mediocre and I just feel negative towards it now. Signing out from Facebook, FB Messenger and deleting all the apps from my devices will hopefully help me find more time to have a long think and just give me some space.

Right now, I won’t be deactivating it or deleting it yet, just gonna log it off. I think this decision is the best for me and even if I am not on Facebook, I will still have Snapchat, Twitter and Instagram. So if you want to chat, call me up or some news appeared on Facebook that you think I need to know, I will still be on the other social media networks, just not Facebook. A part of me will miss Facebook but the majority of me will soon forget about it. This is a goodbye to Facebook for now and you never know I might decide to log back on just to see how everyone is doing or maybe even start a new account. Also,  if you end up reading this, please know that it is not directed at anyone or was due to anything major happening because there is not anything that has happened or anyone that has forced me to do this. This is all my personal decision and something I have been meaning to do for ages. 

I want to thank everyone for making the Facebook experience memorable and just being part of many of my memories so far. See you around everyone!

If you do want to contact me, here are all my other social media details:

Twitter: @GangstaNoob007
Instagram: @trishaanne96
Snapchat: doryknowwhoiam

Now its… Bye Facebook Bye!

Online Representation

Hey online world this is me.
Who I am do you really have to you see?
I would stare down this lens and just talk
Well why don’t we go for a imaginary walk?
The place that the camera will never see
A place known as my investigation territory
You want to know what goes
You see people can put on a front and play a role
I do it all the sometimes to gain control *
I can be that girl who smiles at the camera and acts all happy
Laugh and smile even through I’m grumpy
Even though I’m sad I just shrug and say ok
So they’d think I’m totes fine and they will just go away!
I’d shut the world out and go to the person I wanna be

That girl who is almost perfection, crafted to the tee
She’d have a stunning and made up face
Looking beautiful and elegant, full of grace
I would be a star in the worlds eyes
A boys dream girl, the winning prize

Or that smart girl who knows every answer
She can balance her studies and being a hard worker
She is always on top, she gets the first place trophy
She’s also an animal lover, charity volunteer and very holy

Or I could be the Harry Potter fanatic, a total obsession
Every Harry Potter merchandise in my possession
I’d end up married to Rupert Grint and have a cat called Otter
Maybe I’ll even get a tattoo on my back of Harry Potter

Or I could be that mean girl, scrolling and judging
You want me gone well darling I’m not budging.
Let me tell you what is wrong with you and your face
You are so ugly, you’re mother thinks you’re a disgrace
Girl no one likes you, haven’t you noticed everyone tweeting
Btw just to let you know that your so called bf is cheating

So you see I can be anyone. I wanna be behind the screen
Flicking through, deleting and editing footage that will never be seen
Backstage I rule the world cause no will know it’s me
Secrets, fears, emotion are locked with a key
But if you really want to know about the girl on the other side
She’s ready to show people who she is…. Nowhere else to hide

She’s the girl who smiles and laughs for no apart reason
She looks exactly the same every single day of every season
She should really focus on her education and getting a job
But she can’t find the time right now and sometimes a lazy flop
She’s never said a mean thing about anyone, online or for real
Well apart from time to time when she wants to express how she feels
So there you go, comment, subscribe and check out the description
Im going to sleep now, that was my online self representation

There are a lot of things you’d know from a person if you give them a chance
You don’t have to tell them to go edit them selves and turn up the ‘enhance’
Maybe if we stopped investigating a person from what we see in the screen
Anyway who would listen to a girl who looks at a twisted reflection?
People are so bended these days do they know their self representation?

Two Sides Of Me

Welcome to my World
Hey this is me | & I’m da person she really want 2 b
Ermmmm says who? | oh darling u do
I don’t think so, you’re mistaken| at least I hav an opinion & not fakin
I’m not fake, I just don’t like to say it out loud| well speak up & act like ur proud
I am proud thank you very much| not really u seem out of touch
Well tell me why are you better| ha! Jst take a look at ur sweater!

Online Trisha
Darling jst move ovr, make way 4 da Queen
Open ur eyes widr wher hav u been?
I’m da voice in ur head dat makes u insane
Likes 2 play now & again w/ ur little brain
I hav multiple charactrs diffrnt & bettr versions of u
So fierce, so loud, so funny & a guy’s dream com true
So while u scroll I’m silently judgin
No matter wat u do I’m not budgin

Well Why are you interfering with me| cuz dear I kno wat u really want 2 b
Well care to enlighten me some more| u desperately like 2 b da 1 people adore
That’s not bad, Can’t a girl want some love| yea & 2 get dat u hav 2 b abov
Above? what exactly are you implying?| oh ur naivety is somethin I’m not buyin

Real Trisha
Well let me tell you this I’m not always nice
I can be mean and that can come as a surprise
Don’t mess with me I like things just the way they are
Present time is where I’m happy not near not far
So just go away ,bite your tongue and zip your lips
By the way, I think your fake, Ms photoshopped hips
You may be queen of my head but you can’t rule me
I’m the real thing you’re a big headed wanna be

Now what to you say to that| brava dear turns out ur not so flat
Well now will you go away?| Sorry I’m not done 4 da day
What else do you wanna do?| make my dreams com true
Yea like what?| mov ovr & let me take dat!

Online Trisha
Let’s change ur look & make u pretty
Cut da desperation & dat stinking pity
Fix ur face & make u thinnr
U can bcom da all round winnr
Den we can chat up sevral guys on virtual worlds
Woe dem w/ ur looks & som flirty words
Den while he’s at work we can spy on ur ‘friends’
Laugh at deir mistakes & secretly poke fun at deir ‘trends’
U c u will always win as long as I’m in charge
Cuz I think bold bright & jst xtra large
Plus no 1 online will kno it’s u
& even if dey find out, wat r dey gonna do?
So darling jst admit dat I’m right
Spread ur wings & take flight
Like I said leave it all up 2 me
Right u ready… 123!

Don’t u look like a dream com true?| OMG I’m just like you!
Xactly. Excpt I’m da bettr twin| but I just can’t let you win
But darlin I already hav, game ovr| no it’s not better take cover

Real Trisha
You see you may judge and take a stand
But your thoughts don’t even reach my hand
Your mood is stored behind a filter
Huh? Hun, why do you look so bitter?
Your style and looks really highlights your physique
To bad it’s been done, turns out your not unique
Your insults are barely noticed, plus they are pretty old
Your opinions aren’t valid, dearie you’ve been told
From now on just stay in my head but stay cute
Keep babbling and mumbling, it’s okay you’re on mute
You think you’ve won well go look at you’r reflection
I hope you’re okay with this extra large rejection
Cause you’re behind a screen, just another online version
You’ve got to remember I’m the real person
Awwwwwww sorry… Gotta go… Please don’t shout
Not does it matter, see you soon, I’m….signing out!

This poem was inspired by a project I did for my first year at Uni where we had to create a form of self representation and I chose to create one for an online representation of the conflict decision to which side of you, you would like to portray to the online world. This was an early idea i had and it didn’t quite work out in the end but since I wrote the poem already I thought I might as well share it on here.

Found My Old Uni Blog

I just found my old university blog I did for one of my modules, which is probably where the inspiration to create a blog started. I just found it so weird to be reading something a first year university student created. The whole blog was for a module called ‘Networked Image’ where we explored various things related to blogs and activities we can do online.

Go check out Networked World (<—click the link) and find out about the module and what we did within that module as well as getting an insight on the first ever blog I created.


Online Abuse Experience

The internet is a dark place so why do we use it? The internet provides us with the means of communication and expression. A lot of people build relationships and friendships online, people are able to give and gain knowledge and we are constantly viewing cat videos. Being digital natives, we are embedded in our technologies than we have ever been before. However, the internet also holds a lot of darkness that most of us has probably never experienced and will never have to. I thought this too. No one on the internet can ever come and upset me or anyone I know because we haven’t done anything wrong. That was until yesterday. 

The day was nearly coming to an end. My sisters and I were in my room because we are all planning on doing homework together and just chilling out after a long day. My youngest sister and I were watching a video and my other sister was on her phone. Everything was fine until my other sister let out a sob. I asked her what’s the matter and she just handed me her phone and said ‘It’s not fair, Trisha!’. I looked at her phone which was open on her Instagram page at a recent drawing she posted. What I saw both enraged and disgusted me. A guy commented:

‘get drawing lessons from the make a wish foundation.’  

I cannot believe someone would ever say that to someone they know never mind some random stranger they come across online. I nearly cried as well at the fact that someone could be so mean and rude at someone who just wanted to share her love for movie characters and her passion for drawing. This guy had been posting on her Instagram a couple of weeks ago. He was at first just commenting how dreadful it was and my sister being a friendly person would comment on how she knows it isn’t perfect and how her drawings are all a process of self expression; nothing had to be perfect and she can always go back and improve on her next drawing. She showed me a couple of his comments and I told her that I’m sure he is just a one of troll and will go away soon. But he didn’t. He continued on for two weeks telling my sister that she should ‘go make a GoFundMe page so they can donate money to pay for your drawing lessons’ to comparing her with amputees. My sister was devastated and kept asking me why she is being made into a victim and asking me if she is doing something wrong by posting online. I didn’t know what to say. 

For the next hour, we all discussed it and my parents suggested that she just block him and even told her to send him some vulgar messages before blocking him. If I was a terrible person and wanted to stoop to his level, I would have sent him a long message filled with explicit language telling him that this is such a sad thing he is doing trying to put someone down just out of the blue and trying to knock someone’s confidence. He should be ashamed of himself and I pity him and his life.  But because I am not a confrontational person, I just held my sister’s phone and pressed Block

I really hope that he never finds my sister’s online accounts on other social media sites because what he is doing is such a harmful thing that could have really done a serious damage to my sister. I never thought that this would ever happen to someone I know so it really made me upset and angry. My sister is such a great person and sometimes I do tease her on her drawing skills but I would never think of comparing her with someone who has a disability or is on their death bed. If this person ever comes back and shows himself, especially when he abuses my sister again, I will be so angry and I’m afraid vulgar language will be used this time. But I pray this does not happen. 

My sister is doing fine now and she said that she will carry on drawing because it really is something she loves doing. We will put this guy and his comments behind us because he really isn’t worth our time. Please go support my sister and follow her on her on her Instagram page: fassyradavoy. She draws things related to the Marvel Universe including X-Men and Spiderman as well as other movies and original concepts. 

Disney Remakes

I really love Disney and being a massive Disney fan, I often turn to the movies to watch in my spare time and even live by the inspirational quotes from the movies. Recently, they made a Beauty and the Beast remake, which doesn’t come out until the 17th of March (but I will definitely  be watching it). From what I have seen, the movie looks so amazing and features some of my famous actors and actresses including Emma Watson and Sir Ian McKellen. Now, Disney is in the works with remaking other movies such as Mulan and the Lion King, which we all have to look out for to find out how they will actually be turning these animated classics into live action (I mean, is the Lion King just gonna be featuring CGI animals or will it be actually a human version?). Either way, I cannot wait to find out and go see it.

But, there are now 22 Disney remakes that are in consideration and as much as I really love Disney I have some concerns for several of them. Here are ten Disney remakes, which are making me scratch my head in wonder and worry:

Genie in A Lamp
Ever wondered how the Genie got inside the Lamp in the first place? Well good news, Disney will be turning it into a movie. I really think this is a good movie to make as the genie is one of my favourite characters ever. The genie has so much potential and back story that needs to be explored that we never found out from Aladdin. I cannot wait to see this movie and finally find out some answers. My only concern for this movie is how they will ever find anyone to match the brilliant work of the late Robin Williams and whether this will be a tribute to him in some way. I am looking forward to find out.

Prince Charming
Which one? The Prince is getting a story. It is unclear whether this is Charming from Cinderella or Snow White’s Prince but either way some prince will be getting a movie of his own. To some degree, this film will be great as most fairy tales, especially romantic ones revolve around a princess. So its about time a prince got a movie too cause gender equality and all. But at the same time, what does a prince do? I try and picture some adventure he could have gone on or slayed a dragon like Prince Phillip from Sleeping Beauty (maybe they should a movie about his perspective instead) but I have nothing. So unless this is a comedy about royalty, I will probably need a more clearer synopsis before I decide on watching this film.

A Visit to the Hundred Acre Woods
This one I found slightly sad. An adult Christopher Robin goes and visits his friends in the Hundred Acre Woods. Let us think about this first. I am guessing he will probably be in his 30s or 40s and might have a child and the story will be about how he introduces his child to Winnie the Pooh and company, just like how Andy gave his toys to Bonnie in Toy Story 3 (I’m still crying about that) and it would be really sad cause he cannot play with them anymore and Winnie the Pooh will not recognise him cause he is an adult. I just hope that he does not just simply walk into the Hundred Acre Wood as an adult like a crazy person cause that would be like Peter Pan growing up and deciding that he is probably better of as never have grown up at all and just strolled into Neverland. We will just have to wait to find out.

Tinkerbell the Fairy. Tinkerbell. Tinker Bell and the Lost Treasure. Tinker Bell and the Great Fairy Rescue. Tinkerbell in Secret of the Wings. Tinkerbell and the Pirate Fairy. Tinker Bell and the Legend of the NeverBeast. I have seen so many Tinkerbell movies so I do not know if I wanna see another movie about Tinkerbell. Unless, Tinkerbell turns out to be evil (cause of the jealous trait) I do not think I will be watching this one.

Peter Pan.
Really? Again? I have seen so many Peter Pan film, television and play versions to last me a lifetime. Heck, I have been in a Peter Pan play when I was seven so I do not know if I can take seeing another one. Also, with so many versions how will they top the previous Peter Pans? The answer is probably they cannot but I guess it is just another great addition to the whole collection box of Peter Pan stories.

A live action remake of a puppet that turns into a real boy. I am actually looking forward to this remake as not being a fan of this movie before means that a live version one might help me change my mind. I have also been watching Once Upon A  Time (one of my favourite tv shows) and their interpretation of Pinocchio is so good. I will definitely be giving this movie a try. I will love it even more if they depict the Pleasure Island scene in an awesome way that has never been seen before (plus being a fan of CGI transformations, I just want to see how they turn children into donkeys).   

Oliver Twist- Hip-Hop Version
Interesting. This movie is one of the classics so giving it a modern twist will help it enter the contemporary public sphere. I mean according to reports it will have Ice Cube in it so I’m certain that the it will be different from other versions of Oliver Twist. But hopefully a good different. 

Oh look another Cinderella story. I am seriously gonna be giving this a pass as Cinderella has been done so many times before. I wish they would just do a Cinderella movie but from someone else’s point of view that is not Cinderella. There are so many potentials: Anastasia (one of the step sisters) needs a movie about her and that baker she fell in love with, Drizella (the other stepsister) needs some movie exposure, the Stepmother needs a movie on how she became such a bitch, a movie on what the fairy godmother does in her spare time when she is not granting Cinderella’s wishes, a movie about Cinderella’s mother or they should even make a movie about Cinderella’s animal friends. Just please no more Cinderella remakes that is only about Cinderella. 

Rose Red
A gore version of Snow White based on the Grimm Brothers tale. I am normally not into gory movies cause I hate horror but this movie sounds interesting and one of the stories I heard about when I was very young. I do not think that this movie has been fully captured on screen for a film audience and has only appeared as mini stories on tv. I hope this this will be an amazing movie that will probably be targeted at a more adult audience and might be a horror but I guess I could make an exception just this time so I can watch it. 

Night on Bald Mountain
Based of Fantasia. One of the first Disney movies to be made. A film which I love to watch over and over again. Enough Said.

These are my verdicts on some of the Disney remakes they are considering on doing. There are still many more in the line up including the Little Mermaid and Dumbo, so check out the internet for these other films. Also, these are just initial thoughts and I might change my mind and watch them regardless whether I like them or not once there are some more details on each of the movies. Leave a comment below on what you think of this article or any feedback on what you think of these movies being made.